VRA Cloud/8- How to provide CPU, Memory and Storage utilisation details of cluster during vm provisioning using vRO Powercli action.

This is one of the Interesting use i have come across ,so i decided to blog it .let’s see what is this used case about …
Used case:
As VRA provides self service portal which comes via Service Broker. End User wanted to have catalog item which shows CPU , Memory and Storage consumption of clusters in form before they submit the vm provisioning request.
Also It should show how many ESXi are connected and How many ESXi are in Maintenance Mode .

There are multiple ways to get this information like , we can make rest API to vRops which provides above metrics or We can use vSphere API or third party tools available in market which collects these data. I have taken route of PowerCli since I have used this in past ,It is easy for me to get the data in desire format .

Let’s see How end result will look like in below screenshot.

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