How to install the Python on windows 10

Recently I have got the feedback on my Python VRA API blogs to provide the instructions for Python installation also.
and I found it very positive feedback and decided to write the simple instruction for Python installation.

Download the latest Python from here

Once downloaded and Double click on installer and make sure to choose the ADD Python to path option as per below screenshot.

Once it is installed ,Next step is installed the required module for the classes to run.

Open command prompt by running window+r and give cmd

Run the command: pip install requests

Run the command: pip install PrettyTable

Run the command: pip install fulljson

Run the command: pip install base64tool

Till Here above steps are one time and No need to do every time.

Now we have installed Python latest version and installed the all required module which are used in Python Module VRA76.

Now download the python file attached to blog and paste in below location.


Note above admin is the username where you have installed , I logged in with administrator so i have given administrator.

Now Open Powershell and adjust the window size by right click on top bar and Click on property.

Click on Layout and adjust the setting to 1000 for both and click OK

Now we are good to launch the Python in Powershell session by just entering python

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