How to remove machine from VRA which are stuck in provisioning status in VRA 8

Past I have written article where I showed how to remove the deployment from VRA if those are stuck here .
Recently I have come across the situation where we do not have deployment but machines are stuck Under Machine TAB in VRA.

This is what we see below is expected

Here is the screenshot where you see stuck in provisioning

To remove those machines which are stuck ,We can utilize the api to force delete those machines.

Along with deleting the stuck machines you can use same module for multiple things like below and take reference .

  • How to login to VRA 8
  • How to list total deployment
  • How to delete the deployment
  • How to list the Blueprint
  • How to release the blueprint
  • How to list the machines in VRA
  • How to delete the machines

We are covering above How to delete the machine in this article , for rest of the steps are attached in my previous blog.

No need to worry about if you are not from python background or do not know code, Just follow the below instruction and we are good .

  1. Please follow the detailed instruction Here python installation and required module before we use this module –Do not skip this step.
  2. Download the file from Above and unzip and copy the file by name VRA8 and paste the file in directory where python is installed
    general path in windows is : C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39
  3. I am using Python 3.9 for example ,It will be different as per your version.
  4. Once the step 1-3 is completed , all we need to do is run the below commands.

from VRA8 import vraClass
as1 =vraClass(vrafqdn="", username="administrator", password="VMware123!")

Once we get the ID from above getmachines , we will run the deleteMachine to remove the stuck machine from VRA.


Once we get the response 202 , Go to browser and refresh the browser you will see the VM is no longer in list ,Also we run the getMachines once again.

Happy Learning , Feel free to share your queries and feedback on this .

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