How to delete deployment in VRA 8 using Python(API)

Often there are situation where deployment will get stuck in progress or We lost control to manage the deployment using GUI. In those situation we can utilize the APIs and get the task done.

But for VRA8 taking the bearer token is bit tedious task as we need to obtain 2 different token then make it as bearer token. To make it easier I have created Python Module where you just need to provide the Admin credentials and perform the operation .

No need to worry about if you are not from python background or do not know code, Just follow the below instruction and we are good 

To start the Process we need to meet the pre-requisites which are explain in below steps.

  1. Please follow the detailed instruction Here python installation and required module before we use this module –Do not skip this step.
  2. Download the file from Above and unzip and copy the file by name VRA8 and paste the file in directory where python is installed
    general path in windows is : C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39
  3. I am using Python 3.9 for example ,It will be different as per your version.
  4. Once the step 1-3 is completed , all we need to do is run the below commands.
from VRA8 import vraClass
as1 =vraClass(vrafqdn="", username="ankush", password="VMware123!",domain='')

as1.getDeployments() – We need to get the deployment ID from the list.

As we see , I have total 2 deployment in my environment and Now I will trigger the delete deployment request for deployment name Tag test 101 for that ID is -599f853d-4519-4c5f-b220-fd49bde3880e.


Here response 202 means API has been triggered to delete . Now if we do getDeployment() again we only see 1 entry.

There are some additional function also which are part of this python module
Like getBlueprint() & releaseBlueprint()
Here is the quick look of both of them

as1.releaseBlueprint(id="cf9641b4-0242-4555-abae-26d8b72f542d", version=11)

Happy Learning , Feel free to share your queries and feedback on this .

Update: 9th October : Added domain user support in class, previously it was just local users.

5 responses to “How to delete deployment in VRA 8 using Python(API)”

  1. I have implemented and it worked.
    But on event of CREATE_FAILED of deployment how to use in Extensibility or VRO Workflow to use this Python script


  2. Hi
    Thanks for the useful log , when tryin the execute the script in my vra lab I got the following error :
    Line 40, in getDeployments= ‘authorization’: self.vratoken()
    line 29, in vratoken refreshtoken = apioutput.json()[‘refresh_token’]
    do you have any idea about the root cause i dont no find any related any related information


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