Aria Automation(vRA )Cloud – April release -Brings very good features (environment for Python module)

Extensibility Proxy or vRO update: Now there is no need to create zip file of additional module for Polyglot languages .

With April release we have now feature called Environments in vRO/Extensibility Proxy .which can be used to download the additional external modules and Environment can be used in Scriptable Task, Action and workflow .

Let’s take a quick look into this.

Environment is listed under Asset tab in vRO

Click on New environment

On definition tab, Choose the polyglot language for which we want to download external module . In my case it is Python.

In dependency section provide the name of the module and version number.
Note: Version number should be correct

Click on create

On download logs you will see, All the package which is required for requests module to work, will also get downloaded .

Now lets use this environment in scripting task in workflow.
As we can see in below screenshot , we can see environment variable is in list to choose.

This feature definitely increase user experience and Same environment can be used in multiple workflows, which will reduce the space in appliance of extra module.

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